I never intended to tell my first lie but I have never forgotten it. It started with children spilling out of an unfamiliar car parked at the house next door. I was 9 years old and home-schooled. I never normally saw other children at all; this was a momentous day.

I stood right next to the fence between the houses and hoped they’d notice me. And they did! They trooped across the muddy field to talk to me. Two girls about my age and a younger boy.

“Hi!” said the taller girl. “What’s your name? We’ve got a teacher training day at school so we’re visiting our uncle. Why are you at home?”

That was when I lied. I wanted them to think I was normal, a kid like them who went to school and had friends. “I’m Em,” I said. “My school’s got a teacher training day too!”

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Photo by Andy Newton on Unsplash

Lover of words, books, hiking, nature and big skies. Running is my favourite thing (after the words & the books). As feisty as I need to be. theunravelling.net

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