(I’m not sure how I feel about the “unravelling” part these days, tbh)

Image source: my very own camera roll

You see, I would quite like it all, that’s the overriding thing about me — I really would quite like to have it all, as all the ball-busting ceiling-smashing shoulder-padded business women of the 1980s promised me I could; I’d like to trip-trap-trip between glossy offices in my patent heels…

Mainly, I learned never to try to predict my own feelings

Photo by Eric Nopanen on Unsplash

We’d been married for two years and we were away on a mini-break, which was a rare thing in those days because we had very little money. Also, we’d taken our children with us, because they were very small, so it wasn’t exactly a romantic mini-break. But still. We were…

How “Maid” on Netflix contains an important truth about domestic abuse

“Maid” — Netflix 2021. Image source: tvinsider.com

The first time I left my first husband, I didn’t go very far at all. I didn’t go for very long, either. I had no money and also, I didn’t really want to go. I was nineteen years old, my baby was one year old, and I’d shaped my whole…

Because there’s one very important difference in the law

Britney doesn’t want her dad to be in charge of her finances any more. Image source: Sky News

I am a practitioner, in the UK, of what the Americans call “elder law”. (Well, Saul Goodman in Better Call Saul called it elder law, anyway, so let’s go with that). And what that means is that I am regularly involved in helping people to make applications to the Court…

Em Unravelling

Lover of words, books, hiking, nature and big skies. Running is my favourite thing (after the words & the books). As feisty as I need to be. theunravelling.net

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