(I’m not sure how I feel about the “unravelling” part these days, tbh)

Image source: my very own camera roll

Mainly, I learned never to try to predict my own feelings

Photo by Eric Nopanen on Unsplash

There is no way to tell an abusive man from his looks alone

Photo by Jared Brashier on Unsplash

Can’t think clearly? That’s exactly what they want

Photo by Engin Akyurt from Pexels

Turns out, all transitions as a mother are difficult — including this one

Photo by Chema Photo on Unsplash

Research shows that lots of women reach out to their abusers

Image source: eonline.com

Can I still be a feminist when I’m out of step with the lockdown mood?

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(Spoiler alert: it’s not hate).

Photo by Sasha Freemind on Unsplash

What happened to “the wisdom of age”?

Photo by Alejandra Quiroz on Unsplash

And this is why they shouldn’t get equal billing anywhere.

Photo by pawel szvmanski on Unsplash

Em Unravelling

Lover of words, books, hiking, nature and big skies. Running is my favourite thing (after the words & the books). As feisty as I need to be. theunravelling.net

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